Monday, November 11, 2013

Kate's Birthday Bash!

I can't believe our little Kate turned 6! She is such a sweet, funny, and smart girl. We started off the festivities with her birthday breakfast at Cracker Barrel. That's one of our favorite birthday traditions.
The kids love looking at the toys at Cracker Barrel, so they get to pick one every year on their birthday.

We had her party on Saturday the 9th. She has been talking about being a Rock Star and having a Rock Star show for so long now, that it was the obvious theme.  We did a little photo shoot a few days before to have some cute pics to decorate with at the party.  She LOVES being in front of the camera!

The invite

 We had the playroom setup for the electric guitar decorating.

 "The Stage"

I always used to do a cake for the birthday kid and cupcakes for everyone else, but I'm trying to simplify so cupcakes for everyone!

Waiting for the party to start!

The decorating begins.
The only two dudes at the party.

I know the words Rock Star and Bingo don't really go together, but Kate loves Bingo, and I weirdly like making Bingo cards.

The "Concert" begins. We found this amazing Party Rocker at Sam's Club that has a speaker, microphone and then lights project around the whole room going to the beat of the music.  It basically turns your house into a dance club. It was perfect for the party!
I think it was a hit.

Present time!

She loves legos and got a lot of them :)

Attempt of a family pic among the chaos.

Their awesome guitars.
When the party was over, Crew put on a show for us.

Singin' to the ladies.

Sunday, November 10th was her actual birthday, so we went to Church and played with birthday toys the rest of the day.

Opening presents from family.
Kate was so excited to get an apron like Grandma Jeannie wears in her Pantry Secrets Homemade Bread DVD's. (love Crew's pose)

Such a fun weekend!