Tuesday, December 30, 2008

oh Christmas tree...

So this is my new favorite picture. After the Christmas Eve party at Paul's house, we came home and tried to get a few family pictures in front of the tree. Afterward, Kate just sat staring up at the tree, it was so sweet. Oh, and I am in love with her new Christmas jammies, she looks like such a doll in them.

Here is our best shot. Kate was quite excited for Santa to come.

Playing with grandma and grandpa Broadbent.

This Christmas was so nice becuase we got to be at home for the first time on Christmas morning since we have been married. Our first Christmas we were in Maui,(which was also nice) and the next two, we lived in St. George, so we came up here. So anyway, I loved getting to wake up and have our own little Christmas. Here is Kate on her new cedar chest that I painted for her. It was kind of a project, but I love to make things for her.

helping Paul open his presents

Pulling her treats from her stocking. And yes, that is a snake coming out. That was a surprise from Paul that I didn't even know about. Kate loves to make snake sounds lately, so he wanted to get her one to play with.

Helping me with my presents

Kate in her "spot". She got a snowsuit, cedar chest, some new clothes, 6 disney movies and some other little toys and books. I also made her a dress (top left corner). I will have to post pictures of her wearing it later.

Paul at is spot. He got a snowskate, electronic toothbrush, jacket, movies, etc.

I got a new diaper bag, clothes, pj's, boots, a jewelry organizer and jewelry, bath pillow (I love baths), some kitchen gadgets, etc. Thanks santa!

After our little Christmas we went up to my parents for a few gifts and then had our traditional Christmas breakfast.

Trying out her new coloring book. She is very good at scribbling.

Dancing with great grandpa Gary at the Dayton family party.
All in all we had a wonderful Christmas. I couldn't ask for anything more than my darling little family. Kate was so much fun. She loved dancing to Christmas music and was just a sweetheart the whole time.

Monday, December 29, 2008


After the first big snow, my dad pulled the grandkids down the street on a sled with his lawnmower. Kate loved it! It was this day that we realized that we weren't in St. George anymore and we better get Kate some real snow clothes. She had on Hali's old coat that was too big and some slicky pants that we got at DI. (they were out of snowpants)

Cute kids!

So after that, I went out and got her a cute new snowsuit for Christmas, but we cheated and used it on Christmas Eve. Before all our parties, we had time to play in the snow in the backyard. On her first run down the hill in the sled, she did a face plant in the snow, which she wasn't too excited about. After that, she loved it, even though she wouldn't smile for any pictures.

Isn't the snowsuit quite slimming?

Going down the hill, this time with supervision.

Trying to do a snow angel, but she couldn't really move.

I loved watching her get pulled around the yard.

forever in blue jeans.....

A few weeks ago we saw a show of a lifetime. Paul and I went with Heather and Brett and my parents, first to Buca di Beppo for dinner then to the NEIL DIAMOND concert! It was so much fun. He still has the best voice ever and quite the moves. Oh, it sure brought back memories of dancing to Neil's records in my grandparent's basement.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

better late than never...

Okay, so I know I am slightly ridiculous when it comes to posting pictures. I just always have too many to chose from and can never decide, so I really apologize, but here goes.

So our Christmas present from my parents this year was a trip to Disneyland with the whole family. I have been wanting to go ever since we got married. I have always loved Disneyland but Paul hadn't been since he was like 8 and didn't remember a thing. We left a couple of days before Thanksgiving and went and stayed and Tammy's new house in Mesquite. We then left to California and were in Disneyland on Thanksgiving Day and the day after. It was so much fun! The lines weren't bad and it was such nice weather, even though it got a little chilly at nights. I couldn't go on all the big rides, but we had so much fun taking Kate on everything. Here are a ton a pics in no particular order.... Oh ya, and of course Kate had to get sick right when we got to Tammy's house, so she looks a little dozy in a lot of the pictures. She was still such a good girl though.

All 17 of us on Thanksgiving Day
thanks mom and dad!

It was all decorated for Christmas, it was quite magical.
(me, with my baby sisters, Heather and Amanda)

We stayed at the Castle Inn. Kate really liked this chair, actually she was probably just really excited to be out of the car.

Before we left Tammy's house we exchanged all of our Christmas gifts. Tammy won't be here for Christmas so we decided it would be more fun to do it when we were all together rather than shipping stuff to each other. Kate got a new book and pj's from aunt tam.

Trying to pull the sword out....We took this same pic probably about 15 years ago, so we had to redo it.
Do we look any different? All I can say is holy bangs...

Kate with cute cousin, Hazel.

All bundled up, riding the train around at night.

Playing around in Toon Town

Our cute little fam on Main Street

Waiting for the Pixar parade to start at California Adventure. It was amazing, Kate loved it!

Eating ice cream on main street

Kate looks like she is really enjoying herself, don't you think?

in a happy daze...

Kate loved seeing the disney characters, she always tried to squeeze their nose.

traditional disneyland pic

My prince charming (wow, I am cheesy)

The Bug's Life 3D movie... I love Kate in her glasses.

sweet little girl was so tired at the end of each night..

watching the Christmas parade, again Kate really enjoyed the parades. We are not usually parade people, but it was so fun to see her get so excited.

On our last day in California, we went down to Huntington Beach to let the kids see the ocean, go shopping and have some lunch at Ruby's on the Pier.

Kate was definately a Ruby's fan. She loved watching the surfers as we walked down the pier.

She was a little unsure of the sand at first, but she ended burying herself in it.

the end... wow, that was a lot of work.