Thursday, August 25, 2011

16 weeks along and a month left in Utah...

So I have not posted forever and a lot has happened in the last few months. I am going to try to backtrack someday, because I have a million pictures to post, but I will give you a quick rundown.

June 6th - found out I was pregnant but decided to try to hide it until I came to Utah in August to tell family in person.

June 16th- my darling boy turned two and we had a Cars party with family.

He is kind of obsessed with Lighting McQueen

June 22nd - we had to move out of our place because the landlord was moving back from Germany. I actually like our new place a lot more inside, but I just miss our pool. We still have one, but our last pool was AMAZING.

July 8th- I turned 30, yikes!

July 19th- had an ultrasound and everything looked great:)

July 20th - went to ER for massive bleeding. Had an ultrasound and baby was still there with good heartbeat. Talked to ER dr. and was told it was probably the beginning of a miscarriage and to expect it over the next couple of days. Very confused and devastated.

July 22nd- had a dr. appt and ultrasound with my regular dr. and was told everything looked great and no sign of a miscarriage happening. Was told that my placenta is a little low, so to not lift anything.July 29th- another dr. appt and ultrasound. They found a large pool of blood above the baby (but separated from the baby by a membrane) and she said she had never seen it before, but to be very careful and try not to do very much at all. She said just try to make it to 24 weeks. Again, very confused and scared.

July 29th- I was supposed to leave to Utah on August 3rd with just the kids for a visit, and then again (with no Paul ) in September for my little sister's wedding. We decided it would be best for me to just stay the whole time so people could help take care of me and the kids because Paul is so busy with school. Bought a last minute plane ticket for my mom.

July 30th- mom arrived and we started packing for a 2 month excursion. (which was very hard, because I had no idea what was going to fit me or if I needed maternity clothes or what...

August 3rd- flew to Utah and left a sad husband with no family for 2 months.

fishing on our last night

kids loved watching the planes

love the pose

saying goodbye at the airport

August 4th- Amanda's bridal shower

me and my sista's

with mom

August 5th- Packed up and drove in an RV with my family (15 people) to my sister's house in Mesquite. There we packed in another bridal shower, 2 birthday parties, a babtism all in one weekend.

I can't belive crew actually got a nap on the RV!

cousin Hazel's 4th birthday party (Beauty and the Beast)

cousin Brody's 8th birthday party (karate)

Kate loved playing with cousin Hazel. They hadn't seen each other in almost 2 years!

August 7th-13th- my dad took his vacation week so we had lots of fun playing with cousins and going places.

feeding ducks

riding the train at the Provo mall

August 8th- My sister's husband's uncle is her OB. She was kind enough to see if they would give me a second opinion. So I had an appt. and finally had some good news! Just looking from my ultrasound pics, he said he had seen it hundreds of times. It was a separation between the amnion and chorion membrane and that is why there was a pool of blood. He said if I was careful enough, he was hoping it would be gone by my 20 week ultrasound. But told me to be even more careful, like walk as little as possible. If it is gone, I can go on to have a normal pregnancy, if it is not getting better, I will probably go on bed rest.

August 10th- Went in for and ultrasound by a 25 year veteran. I have never seen anyone so thorough. He said the baby looked great from everything he could check this early. The chord placement into the placenta was in a really good spot. (away from the separation) if it separates further to where the chord is, the chord would no longer be connected to the placenta. This would be very bad for baby:( (oh yeah, also was told there is a good chance it's a boy!) he couldn't be positive because I was only 13 weeks. We would be so excited for either boy or girl
August 11th- Father-in-law brought me over a transport chair (basically a wheel chair without wheels to push yourself, so someone has to push you). So now, if we go anywhere that I would have to walk very far, I get to ride in this. (not very fun)

(black thing above baby is the blood)

I can't even thank my and Paul's family enough for all they are doing for me. I feel so bad asking people to help me so much. Paul's parent's have had the kids come over quite a bit, so that I can get a break. I can't wait to be able to lift and hold my babies again. I can't even imagine what Paul is going through without being able to see his darling kiddies everyday. He loves them so much and is such a good dad.
I think I'm looking a little large for 16 weeks, but keep in mind this was taken right after dinner, and I basically can do no physical activity.

Okay, a few things about the kids.
Kate finally learned to write her name the other day! She has been able to do all of it except a K for months (just because she was stubborn and wouldn't try). We finally bribed her with a penny the other day to write a K and she did it! She is such a funny, sweet little girl but with a lot of sass.

scooter rides with grandpa Steve-o (paul's dad)

Crew is talking up a storm. He surprise me everyday with the things he says and the sentences he is putting together. He counted to 13 today, (random number) but he catches on to things so quick I'm sure it will be 20 soon. He is such a sweetheart. Oh, he did decide to start climbing out of his bed the other day, so that is really making nap time and bed time fun.

The kids are loving to play with all of the cousins and run around in the grass without getting bit by fire ants. We are just counting down the days until Paul gets to come visit. He doesn't even get to come for the wedding because of clinicals, but he is going to fly out for labor day weekend. That is just a week away! Once he leaves we will have a little over 3 weeks left in Utah.

Well, that didn't turn out to be a very quick rundown, but I want to remember all of this someday. After two perfect pregnancys, this is all so strange and scary to us. Now we are pretty much just hanging out, waiting to see my status at my 20 week ultrasound. I pray that this baby can make it to our family safe. Kate and Crew are so excited for the baby in mommy's belly to come out.

Ok, if anyone actually read this whole thing, please comment. I want to know who really likes me enough to read all of this:)