Tuesday, May 12, 2009

fun stuff...

So there has been a lot going on this last week. Kate turned 18 months on Sunday the 10th and went to her first day of Nursery. I was pretty sure that she would like it, but didn't realize how much. When I dropped her off, she took one look at the toys and the kids and didn't look back. I peeked on her a few times and she was having so much fun eating snacks, coloring, blowing bubbles, etc. When I picked her up after the 2 hours, they said she was a veteran, she didn't even want to leave. I guess it will be nice to have a little break at church until the next baby comes, but I will miss her.
Kate and her papa before church. (sorry kind of out of focus, camera is being lame)

So the next day, May 11th was our 4 year anniversary and also I hit 35 weeks. (it is coming too fast!) Paul and I went to a movie, then to dinner up in Salt Lake. It just so happened that Paul's brother's wife went in to labor that afternoon, so we got to go see their new darling baby girl after dinner.

Last week Kate started her first day of gymnastics. She had to be 18 months to start in the parent/tot class, but they let her start a few days early. I wanted her to get to go a few times before Crew comes, but I figured I was a little too pregnant to be chasing her around, so Paul gets to go with her. She was kind of a little stinker, she just wanted to run aroung and play and not really stay with the group. Hopefully tomorrow goes a little better.

jumpin on the tramp

practicing her bar routine
just running around

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Anniversary Baby!!

Happy Anniversary Baby! It has been 4 years and seriously no regrets. Just wanted to let you know that I love you more today than ever before. We have 1 beautiful girl, have been to mexico 2 times together, have lived in 3 cities, have moved 5 times, and now about to have baby #2. I love you so much.--Paul