Thursday, November 12, 2009

kate's mouse party...

So Kate turned two last tuesday the 10th. I really can't believe my little girl is getting so old. She has grown up so much in the last few months. She is talking a ton, she loves to sing, draw, ride her trike, play with Crew and dance with aunt Amanda. She is such a good helper and follows directions really well and is a total daddy's girl.
She had a checkup a little bit ago and she is 27 lbs. and 34 inches tall. (75% in both)

She loves to watch Mickey Mouse clubhouse and just calls him "mouse", so we decided to have a mouse party. Here are some pics from her big day. I know there are a ton, but she looked so darling I just couldn't eliminate.

all ready for her party

kate's cake - these are her new favorite toys, she carries mickey and the gang around with her in her purse all day and they do everthing with her.
mickey ear cupcakes for everyone else

we started with a little coloring session. Great grandpa Gary was really good.

followed by the cake walk, which crew really enjoyed

and then the bean bag toss

all ready to open presents

her new favorite movie- 101 Dalmations

testing out her new purse from aunt mindy

checkin out her cake

me and my doll

she calls goofy, "gooby"- it is so cute

the little fam

kate and aunt heather

she loves cousin hali

oh yeah, we started a tradition last year where we kidnap her in the morning and take her to breakfast in her jammies. So here we are a Magleby's Fresh.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

longest halloween post ever

I have been trying get up some pics of the fun stuff we have been doing this month, but haven't found the time. So here it is, all in one giant post.
Here is my little flapper and mob boss on halloween night. I searched all over for a fedora hat for crew, but with no luck. He still looks so good though. Kate was too interested in eating treats that she wouldn't even attempt to smile for me, but crew has some great faces throughout.

mr. tough guy

notice the creepy mickey pumpkin that Paul carved. pretty good, eh?

hangin' with cousin vanna

kate and grandma sherry are the best little buddies. Kate goes over to play every wednesday and they have so much fun together.

crew and grandpa steve-o.

our neighbors won the thanksgiving point contest for the biggest pumpkin. can you believe that is real?

crew is missing his mustache by now, so we had to re-apply

check out that face!

we were so lucky it was such a nice night for trick or treating

kate was literally shaking at the first house when she saw the giant bowl of candy. she didn't even know what to do with herself.

at the pumpkin carving party with cousin hali. She gets so excited when Hali is around.

she wasn't quite sure what to think about cleaning out the pumpkin

all bundled up at Gardner's Village to see the witches

the little fam

my two handsome boys

me and my little doll

this is a random one in the mix, but one of my new favorite pictures. Last Sunday there was a new mickey show on and Kate is in love with mickey. So we snuggled up to watch together. I love it!

skeleton boy. They were dressed up to go to the scarecrow festival, but the weather was so bad once we got there, we didn't get to stay long.

where did kate's legs go?

I got a new nephew, Carson on the 15th. He is so stinkin' handsome.

wow, that took a while. hopefully I can stay better caught up.