Thursday, November 20, 2008

birthday party pics....finally!

So maybe the reason why I took so long to post these pictures is that I had 173 to choose from. I kept trying to narrow down, but this is as far as I could go. So, I realize there are way to many, but she is just way too cute to cut any more out.

On her birthday morning, we decided to start a tradition and kidnap her and take her out to breakfast. You know, how we use to do in junior high, and make your friends go to school in their pajamas. So anyway, the three of us went to Magleby's Fresh for breakfast and she had some yummy french toast.

I tried to get everything done the day before so I wasn't stressing out the day of the party. It was at 7 so I was scared that if Kate didn't take her afternoon nap, she would be too tired. But she was a perfect angel all day. She took both of her naps and was in a great mood for the party. With all of my family, Paul's family, and a few friends we had about 50 people, but it was so much fun. This little girl gets plenty of love.

Eating dinner. We had 5 different yummy homemade soups and homemade bread and breadsticks.

Playing games with the kids.

Lots of friends and family.

Kate with grandma and grandpa.

Kate had so much fun opening all of her presents. She got so much fun stuff, we won't need to get her anything for Christmas...

She loves the little people barn we gave her.

reading her card...

So I wanted to make her a tutu a little while ago, but I wanted it to have a purpose. So I decided when we stripped her down to eat her cake, rather than just being in her diaper, she would get to wear her tutu.

Here is a darling cake. I am quite proud of it, but I can't take all of the credit, Mindy and Amanda helped.

Blowing out her candle...

I was pretty shocked that she didn't dig into her cake. She didn't really know what to do with it. She pulled out the doll, but wouldn't touch the cake. I gave her some and she liked it, but she wouldn't get it herself.

Everyone else got cupcakes. I went a little overboard, because I didn't want to run out so I made like 80 cupcakes, and yes I had quite a few left over.

We attempted putting her in her chair to eat it, but she still wasn't very interested.

After the party with our tiny girl, she was so worn out from her day of fun!

Here's a little clip of her and her cake.

She got lots of bath toys for her birthday. This pic makes me laugh, she is so modest.

Kate loves to reorganize our dvd's, multiple times a day. On the day after her birthday, we went to the Dr. for her 1 year check up. She weighs 20 lb 12 oz. and is 29 3/4 inches. She is now in the 50th percentile for weight and 75th for height. It looks likes she is finally started to slim down. (I am already missing her knee rolls)

So that's it! Now on to the next project, getting packed for our our big Disneyland trip next week.....

Oh ya, here is her invitation I made. So I can't figure out what is wrong with it, but every time I try to upload it, the words look all blurry, so I give up. You get the idea. If you click to enlarge, it doesn't look like this, very weird.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

birthday girl...

Well, Kate turned 1 on Monday and we had such a good day. I haven't had time to post all of her birthday party pictures yet, but hopefully I will get to it in the next couple of days. So here are a few other pics for now.

Here she is going for a ride in her new big girl car seat from my parents. She loves to get to face forward. I love this smile, but her sock is falling off and it's about to kill me.

Kate in her new shirt that I made for her. Cute, huh?
We are all quite excited about the big news......

Friday, November 7, 2008

kate's favorite song....

So this is definitely not to show off my singing skills, so please try to ignore me. Kate just loves when we sing this song, she gets so excited and claps her hands in the right spot. It is so much fun to see her learning so much. I can't believe she is going to be 1 on Monday!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or treat...

Halloween is so much more fun with Kate around. We have had some great costumes in the past, but we didn't dress up this year and let her have all the glory. She looked so stinking cute as little red riding hood!
I love these pics of her knocking on grandma's door, then crawling in.

Trying to get a good picture of Little Red Riding Hood was a little difficult. She loves to ignore the camera.

Again, ignoring me and trying to eat dirt of the back of the pumpkin.
Kate with her cousins. Garret was making very funny faces in every one, this was definitely the best.
Trick or treating with momma and papa.
She really liked this huge pumpkin at our neighbor's house.
After trick or treating, and dinner at my parents, we went to see Paul's fam. Kate sat on the deck playing in the candy bowl for like 45 minutes, while we all watched and laughed. She loved taking the candy out and putting it all back in, over and over again. So cute!