Thursday, September 25, 2008

My big accomplishment....

A few weeks ago, I decided that I wanted to make something for my baby girl. I don't really sew much, which is pretty sad becuase my mom is such a wonderful seamstress, but I wanted Kate to have something that I made for her. So anyway, I went to the fabric store and picked out fabric to make a quilt. I was surprised at what cute fabric they had. I have a hard time starting a big project, but when I do, I kind of get obsessed and that is all I can think about, so I finished it pretty quick. I sewed the front and the back pieces and then had a lady do the quilting on her machine. So here are a few pics of the finished product. I know this a lot of picture of a quilt, but I was quite excited with how it turned out and Kate was being cute too, so that didn't help much.
I love the quilted design. You can see it better if you enlarge the back piece.

I would only really get to sew when Kate was taking her nap or late at night. The sewing machine was in our room and Paul was so nice to let me sew after he went to bed. He would just sleep wearing ear plugs and my eye mask. Now I am trying to decide what my next project will be.......

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Around the house....

Here are just a few cute pics of my tiny girl hanging out. She looks very serious in this first one watching her baby einstein. She gets very into it, she is either really serious or laughing out loud while watching it. I love her in this little green shirt.

Little mischevious girl playing in her crib while she is supposed to be taking a nap.

Crawling to the top of grandma and grandpa's big flight of stairs. Now we need to work on getting down...

Haning out in the kitchen... She likes to carry around random things like a bib or a sock. She loves to crawl around and put anything and everything in her mouth. When I run and try to grab it from her, she hurries and puts it in her mouth and clenches her jaw shut so I can't get it. What a little stinker.

Playing with cousin Brody in the block house he made for her.

Funny story. The other day I was holding Kate and helping my dad pick raspberries for some raspberry cheesecake for his birthday. As soon as I picked one and put it in the bowl, I reached to pick another and Kate put her little hand in the bowl and grabbed it and ate it. This went on for a while, I couldn't even get any picked. Every raspberry that went into the bowl, went straight to Kate's mouth. She sure loves her food. She has been trying a lot more big people food lately and she has never refused anything or even made a funny face. Hopefully she stays like this and doesn't turn picky on me.

So You Think You Can Dance.....

So last night was the big night. I have been waiting for months to go to the So You Think You Can Dance Tour. If you haven't watched the show, you should. It is the best thing ever. Tammy came up from Mesquite to go to it with us. It is kind of a tradition. Tammy and I went 2 years ago in L.A. and we wanted to go last year so bad, but it was the day after Thanksgiving and Kate was only 10 days old and I wasn't quite up to traveling to California. So anyway, this was the first time they came to Utah. Tammy, Amanda and Paul and I went to dinner and then to the show. Paul was worried about ruining a "girls night" but I wouldn't let him miss it. We got a little carried away with pictures so sorry.

Tammy is not really that much taller than us, she just had heels on and we had flats.
(don't you love the lady staring out the window?)
Paul was so good to put up with me and Amanda... We made him take a million pics.
Paul trying to keep me warm with his Jack Bauer jacket...
Posing with the hockey statues, like I said, we got a little carried away.
I didn't get a t-shirt, but Tammy and Amanda did. I just couldn't make myself pay $35 bucks for one.
Here's a little peek if you have never watched the show. These are two of my favorite dances, I'm so glad they did both of them last night.
Katee and Joshua
Katee and Twitch

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

Here's to you, dad. You are a wonderful father and grandfather. We love you! Happy 54th!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

10 months old....

Kate turned 10 months on Wednesday the 10th. We finally got her in for her 9 month check up and here are the results. She weighs 20 lbs. 13 oz. (75th percentile) and is 28 1/2 inches long (50th percentile). We love our big, healthy girl. She is such a little angel.

We went to a family party at my aunt's house tonight who has the most gorgeous backyard, so of course I wanted to get a few pics of Kate, but she decided not to cooperate. I think she is so sick of my camera that now she completely ignores me and won't even look. Here are the best of what I got. Oh ya, one funny side note, Kate has a very bizarre talent of being able to pick things up with her feet. Who knows where that one came from....

Okay, I had to add one more random picture from the other day. My cousin gave her this outfit at my baby shower and it finally fits. She looks so grown up, and you can tell that she has her dad's tiny feet. (sorry paul..)

Okay one more. We went to Cabella's the other day with the cousins and she loved looking at the big fish. She looks so annoyed at us here for making her wear a coon skin cap. It makes me laugh... I also love how she is holding her cinderella doll. She carries either cinderella or ariel around wherever she goes.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Kate just looked so cute the other day playing in her room that I had to post these. She loves to pull herself up on everthing now and walk along. It's great except for when I try and put her down for a nap. As soon as I put her in bed, she stands up and will just play there for like an hour. I can't get her to lay down. Any ideas? (other than tying her down) She is just getting over her first cold of her life. Most people are shocked that she hasn't been sick yet. We have been so lucky that she is such a healthy little girl. Oh ya, her first top tooth just popped through. Now she is up to 1 on top and 3 on the bottom.

She loves to play this little piano and rock out to twinkle twinkle little star...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Amanda's Senior Pictures...

So last night I went with my little sister Amanda to get her senior pictures taken. The photographer posted some on her blog today and they turned out so amazing! I sure wish my senior pictures looked like this.... Here is the link if you are interested....
Isn't she gorgeous?