Sunday, January 3, 2010

family pics - dayton fam

So when Tammy's family came up for Thanksgiving we decided to attempt family pics with my whole family before we move. It was two days after Paul's knee surgery and he was on the verge of throwing up the whole time and Kate was not cooperating at all. So it was pretty interesting, but at least we got one of everyone all together.
The only way we could even get Kate to be in the pic was to sit in the wagon.
all 19 of us. There are better ones of the whole group, but this is the best of my family.
I liked this pose, but kate wouldn't even look.

grandma and grandpa with their 8 grandkids. It's kind of sad that now they will only have 3 left in the state.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas and heading to Florida

We had such a fun Christmas with our two little kiddies. They both were so cute on Christmas morning. I can't believe it is already over and now it is really time to move. Paul headed to Florida this morning, so now we wait. I fly out on Thursday with the kids and my mom and dad are flying out with me to help. (thank goodness) We are so excited to start this new adventure, but sad to leave family at the same time. We will miss everyone so much, but hope anyone who wants to will come stay with us in Naples.

Kate playing with santa on Christmas eve

we had a Christmas eve lunch party at my parents house then when to Paul's brothers house for a party at night.

crew with great grandpa Dayton

paul snugglin his babies

Kate's "spot" on Christmas morn. She is going to have to attempt a big girl bed since we have to return the crib she has been borrowing. I'm very interested to see how that goes.

testing it out

crew in his "spot"

typing on her new computer. It is so cute. It is a little wireless keyboard that hooks up to the tv where she can type and play games. She is getting so good at all of her letters. You can tell her what letters to type and she will.

crew loved is new little ball

they were both very good at opening presents

kate loved her new blocks

modeling her new Christmas monkey jammies and minnie slippers

my cute boyz

playing with crew's new activity table

crew getting his Christmas eve bedtime story

he looks so good in his new jams

it was so nice today, we decided to play in the snow again one last time. Kate loves it so much.

sledding with crew

kate building her "snofman"

grandpa helped build them

The boys heading to Florida this morning. Paul's brother is moving out to Florida too for school, so their dad is driving out with them.

six days is too long to be away

I forgot to post our pic with santa from a little while ago. It was supposed to be just the kids, but Kate was a little scared to sit on his lap.