Monday, March 29, 2010

crew strolling along...

i just can't believe this little boy. This was the first time he even tried this and he went cruising around the whole room. This was about a week ago and he is so much better now. Walking along walls and making transfers. I wonder what else he can do that I just haven't tried yet.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

happy 30th birthday to paul!

we love you so much and are so lucky to have the best husband and papa around.
you're still lookin' pretty good for your age too.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

9 months old and stuff

I can't believe how fast time is going by. Crew turned 9 months old on the 16th. He is just a sweet little dude. It's funny how everyone that sees him says "wow, he is a big boy". I think it is really just his cheecks, becuase at his 9 month check up the other day we found out he is not really all that big. Here are his stats:
18 lbs. 14 oz. which is only 25%
28 inches long which is 48%
I'm so used to having such chuncky little babies, that him only being 25th percentile for weight kind of worries me. But the dr. said he is perfectly fine.

crew and his little teddy, Rocco. He sleeps with him every night.

We are really loving it here. I am getting used to Paul studying all day and I am getting much more brave about taking both of the kids places; beach, pool, library. I was so used to doing everything with Paul that I hadn't had to do much alone, so it is really good for me. Here are some random pics from the last month.
My beautiful girl. Kate is getting so much more grown up. We go to story time at the library and it is my favorite thing in the world to watch her sing the songs, listen to the stories and do the little activities. She is my helper and is so cute with Crew. She loves to help me cook, which I have been doing quite a lot of lately. I literally can't make anything without her wanting to sit up on the counter with me and dump in all the ingredients and stir. I love it. She loves to dance like a princess. Lateley she wants me to put a "princess dress" on her and she will dance around all day. She even gets me and paul in on the action. It's quite a site. She is very smart and knows all of her shapes and colors, she can name most of the letters in the alphabet and numbers 1-10. She always points things out when she sees them took. When we were at a gas station the other day this is what she said: triangle with glasses and green hands. She saw a funny little picture and described it to me.

1st time miniature golfing with the kids.

tired boy

Kate was killing me in these glasses. They are just some old funny glasses that I had laying around and she put them on and was pulling the funniest faces.

kate all ready to help cook
the kids got new jammies in the mail from my mom and dad. I swear our highlight of the day is taking a walk to get the mail.
there are so many parks around, so we try to test out a new one every week.

Crew is a little wild man, that's all I can say. He is sooooo active. He is still army crawling all arond the house and now he is pulling himself up on everything and walking along. If you sit down to play with him, he isn't interested in the toys, he just wants to climb up you.

Kate is loving having friends. We didn't have many kids close by that were her age before we moved, but now she has lots of little friends that we get to see all of the time. She gets so excited when we go anywhere that they are going to be and lists off all of their names. Here she is on a little play date with her friend. The look like they are really having a great time.

the first saturday of every month is free zoo day for county residents, so we went again a couple of weeks ago. Kate loves zebras.

checking out Marco Island. Both of the kids love playing in the sand.
kate is now officially in a big girl bed. When we got here she was just sleeping in a mattress on the floor, but we finally decided to get her a big girl bed. She does so well in it, and whenever you say anything about her bed, she says "papa a bed, a make it" becuase paul put it together for her. Here there are reading her new library books. It really makes me laugh that she has full freedom, yet she has never got out of her bed at night. And most mornings she stays in it until we go in and get her, she has never even left her room.
crew loves her new bed too.
kate's new bike. We had been wanting to get her a little trike, so I had been telling her if she would go potty in her little potty then she would get a new bike and she actually did it! She has had her little potty for a long time and would sit on it and play around, but would never actually go in it. But we have been working on it, and she has done it like 8 times. We still have a long way to go, but I think we made some good progress. I am so proud of her!

Paul went kayaking through the everglades the other day with some of his buddies from school. They were literally like 2 feet from the gators. I stayed home for that one. Paul thinks I would like it, but it sounds like my worst nightmare.

Friday, March 5, 2010

a little out dated...

So these are a little out dated, but I still had to show them off. We got them taken right before we moved, so Crew was about 6 1/2 months. It just took me a while to get them ordered because there were too many to choose from. He just sat and smiled the whole time. I can't believe how different he already looks though. He wears his hair different now and he is totally slimming down from all his squirming around the house. He isn't full on crawling yet, but he does a very good army crawl. He follows me from room to room and is into everything. I love my active little boy!