Tuesday, December 15, 2009

catching up before the big move....

Well this will probably be my last post before we move. For those of you that don't know, we are moving to Naples, Florida the first week in January. Paul was accepted to CRNA school (Nurse Anesthesia) back in August, and I can't believe the time has actually come. It has been a bit crazy, trying to pack, getting ready for Christmas and Paul recovering from knee surgery, but we have still managed to do some fun stuff. Anyway, here is what we have been up to for the last little bit.

I actually haven't posted about Crew for two months, so here goes. He turned 6 month on the 16th. (we haven't had his check up yet, but he is definatly growing fine) He is such a sweet little guy and is growing up so fast. He is rolling all over the place, is very close to sitting on his own and he loves to stand.

he has the best smile ever

he loves looking in the mirror

Snuggling with big sister in the morning. He absolutely loves kate.

I went on a little girls weekend trip to Vegas with Tammy and Amanda to see the So You Think You Can Dance tour from Season 5, which was amazing by the way. I was a little nervous to leave both kids, especially since Crew has never been great with a bottle. Paul did great with them, and by the time I got back, Crew was a pro, he could even feed himself.

On our way to Vegas, we had to stop for an Orange Peel. If you are ever in St. George, you must stop. Best smoothies ever.

waiting for the show to start

fun day of shopping in Vegas before the show. We need an H&M here badly.

Paul tore is ACL skateboarding a few months ago, and we decided he might has well get it fixed before we move. Kate took very good care of him.


Thanksgiving day - Paul ended up having a bad reaction to the antibiotics they had him on, so he was actually throwing up all thanksgiving weekend and we ended up in the ER that Saturday.

Since Tammy was here for Thanksgiving, we decided to exchange the kids Christmas presents, because they won't be here for Christmas. Crew we very into it.

Paul and I in Naples looking for a place to live. It is such a cute little town right on the beach.

Kate loved decorating the Christmas tree

making Christmas sugar cookies

the cookie making party

we had my mom's family Christmas party a few weeks ago and kate was a little shepard for the Nativity story.

when all the kids were singing afterwards, she walked right upfront and started singing along.

kate was too scared to sit on Santa's lap, but Crew loved it.

Crew sitting on grandma's lap while driving through Thanksgiving Point to see the lights.

kate checking out the reindeer

crew meeting cousin carson for the first time. (my sister heather's baby) They are 4 months apart. It looks like Crew could eat him.

Kate after church today. I had to take a picture because this dress is the flower girl dress that Hali (my niece) wore to our wedding. She looked so darling in it.

I wanted to make sure kate got a chance to play in the snow before we moved, so we went out the other day. She loved it!

she loved pulling crew around in the sled

rocking out on the piano

celebrating my baby sister Amanda's 18th birthday at our favorite Chinese place, Asian Star.

Okay that is all. I just hate leaving things out, so my posts tend to get really long.