Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Boating at Quail Lake.....

We went boating at Quail Lake on Monday night with our friends, Lindsey and Travis. The water was 60 degrees, but the guys still decided to wakeboard. The girls just hung out in the boat and enjoyed the scenery. It was so much fun just to get out. Here is Kate in her new life jacket. We couldn't even zip it up all of the way because of her cheeks. She didn't really like wearing the jacket, but she loved licking the inside. By the end of the night it was sopping wet. Kate enjoying the wind in her face. It started getting a little chilly, so she bundled up and snuggled with her dad. Here is Kate with her friend, Hali. They were born 6 days apart. (Kate is older.) She is already a little social butterfly.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Town Square...

We went to the St. George Town Square on Saturday with Tammy & Bo and their kids. I had never even noticed it before, I think it is pretty new. It has fountains and little rock waterfalls and streams for kids to play in. It is really fun, if you are ever in St. George.Taking a break in the shade.
Here we are with cute cousins, Brody and Hazel.
The sun was so bright that Kate wouldn't look up at me for her swimsuit pic. Check out the knee rolls....
She didn't really like the water as you can see by the look on her face, (it was pretty cold) but it was a good excuse to put her in her swimsuit for the first time.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Playing Outside....

It has been such nice weather here lately so we love to be able to hang out outside. It's not too hot yet, and it stays warm at night so we can go on walks. Here are a few pics from tonight....

This one is my new favorite picture of Kate. I don't have very many with huge smiles and I love how you can see her little teeth.

DNA Test......

The other day the cops showed up at our door and wanted to get DNA tests from us. We can't quite figure out why.......

Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Wyatt!

We went to Mesquite on Saturday for Wyatt's 3rd birthday party. (my cute little nephew) We spent the morning doing whatever he wanted to do, jumping on the tramp, going on a walk, playing games, etc. We had so much fun!
Kate showing off her legs on our walk.
My sister Mindy and her family were in town for the weekend, so Kate got to play with her cousins, Hali and Garret. Hali loves to hold Kate.

Kate was practicing her sitting skills on Sunday night. She is doing pretty good, but we still have to stay close by so she doesn't tip over.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Little Chompers....

So this isn't the best picture, but it was a little tricky to hold a camera, keep Kate's mouth open, and hold her hands down all at the same time. She kept trying to bite my finger with her new little teeth. I had no idea that she was even teething and all of the sudden two little teeth popped through last week. Aren't they cute?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

5 months old today!

So Kate is 5 months old today. I still can't believe how fast it has gone. I just had to show her off in her new sweatsuit. I know it is kind of out of season now, but I got it on clearance at Old Navy yesterday and I thought she looked so cute in it.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Kate has been tagged......

Here are some of Kate's favorite things. (Sorry it took me so long, Chelsey.)

1. Eating. (As if you couldn't tell by her figure.)

2. Getting in the tub or shower. Here she is hanging in her bath robe.
3. Watching Baby Einstein. She gets so excited when I put her in her bouncy seat to watch a Baby Einstein movie.

4. Typing. The other day she started pushing keys on the keyboard when she was on my lap at the computer. Now I open Word and let her type away, she loves it.

5. When Paul comes home from work or school. She gets so happy. I think she gets sick of looking at me all day.

6. Laying on the floor. I swear she doesn't really like to be held anymore. She would much rather be playing on the floor. Her new favorite thing is to stick her legs straight up in the air and grab her toes.
7. Going on stroller rides or walks in the Baby Bjorn.

8. Sleeping. She isn't the best nap taker, so at night she is so tired. She is so happy when we put her in bed, she just puts her self right to sleep. Last night she slept 11 and a half hours. (I'm not bragging, I swear.)

9. Looking at herself in the mirror.

10. Playing with her mom and dad.

Ok, now I tag Hazel, Garret, Hali Hoopes and Asher.