Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Kate has been tagged......

Here are some of Kate's favorite things. (Sorry it took me so long, Chelsey.)

1. Eating. (As if you couldn't tell by her figure.)

2. Getting in the tub or shower. Here she is hanging in her bath robe.
3. Watching Baby Einstein. She gets so excited when I put her in her bouncy seat to watch a Baby Einstein movie.

4. Typing. The other day she started pushing keys on the keyboard when she was on my lap at the computer. Now I open Word and let her type away, she loves it.

5. When Paul comes home from work or school. She gets so happy. I think she gets sick of looking at me all day.

6. Laying on the floor. I swear she doesn't really like to be held anymore. She would much rather be playing on the floor. Her new favorite thing is to stick her legs straight up in the air and grab her toes.
7. Going on stroller rides or walks in the Baby Bjorn.

8. Sleeping. She isn't the best nap taker, so at night she is so tired. She is so happy when we put her in bed, she just puts her self right to sleep. Last night she slept 11 and a half hours. (I'm not bragging, I swear.)

9. Looking at herself in the mirror.

10. Playing with her mom and dad.

Ok, now I tag Hazel, Garret, Hali Hoopes and Asher.


Mindy said...

I love the one of her in Hali's robe. I think her figure is great,there's just more cheeks to kiss. Can't wait to see her this weekend!

Crazy Binghams said...

Love the tag with photos - so fun! She is so so cute and I love the one of her typing on the keyboard.. so stinking cute! I miss her and want to play!

Jaci Moore said...

Cute post. She is so cute. I've got to start a hair appointment so I'll think of his favorite things. He's really excited to be tagged! Mindy said you guys were coming up this weekend, you don't have to hang out with us this weekend, but when you move up we are expecting a date to Carrabbas!