Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Around the house....

Here are just a few cute pics of my tiny girl hanging out. She looks very serious in this first one watching her baby einstein. She gets very into it, she is either really serious or laughing out loud while watching it. I love her in this little green shirt.

Little mischevious girl playing in her crib while she is supposed to be taking a nap.

Crawling to the top of grandma and grandpa's big flight of stairs. Now we need to work on getting down...

Haning out in the kitchen... She likes to carry around random things like a bib or a sock. She loves to crawl around and put anything and everything in her mouth. When I run and try to grab it from her, she hurries and puts it in her mouth and clenches her jaw shut so I can't get it. What a little stinker.

Playing with cousin Brody in the block house he made for her.

Funny story. The other day I was holding Kate and helping my dad pick raspberries for some raspberry cheesecake for his birthday. As soon as I picked one and put it in the bowl, I reached to pick another and Kate put her little hand in the bowl and grabbed it and ate it. This went on for a while, I couldn't even get any picked. Every raspberry that went into the bowl, went straight to Kate's mouth. She sure loves her food. She has been trying a lot more big people food lately and she has never refused anything or even made a funny face. Hopefully she stays like this and doesn't turn picky on me.

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