Monday, December 10, 2007

Wiggle Worm

Kate was playing on the floor the other night and she was so wiggly. I just wanted you all to see.


KimiK said...

Hey Heidi, this is Tammy's friend Kim from Mesquite, well now I am from Layton, anyway, I just wanted to drop in and tell you congratulations! Kate is so beautiful! What a sweetheart!

Kjerstin and Jeff said...

Kate is so gorgeous! How fun that she is already so active! I love it! She seems to be growing so quickly already!

Grandpa Cliff said...

I can't quit watching Kate kicking her legs in the video. I'm starting to count the days for you guys to get here for Christmas. Love, Grandpa Cliff

Mindy said...

Hi Kate this is Cousin Hali -
I love that show, so um could I talk to you when you are coming at Christmas? Lets do your presants first, actually lets do everyones. I love you Kate. Hali