Tuesday, November 13, 2007

She is finally home dudes!

Here she is in her new clothes ready to go home. I just look akward holding a baby, huh?

Kate's First Bath!

Kids smell? Who knew? So today Kate got her first bath at home. You can just tell she is way stoked.

Here she is in her car seat ready to go rally in the subi.


Aaron & Brittney said...

She is just getting cuter by the minute! she looks so sweet! Keep the pics coming, I love to see her! Oh- and I love the comentary Paul! :)

Grandma Z said...

What a beautiful baby Kate. We loved the pictures, but will get to see her next Monday. We think she and Hazel will have a fun time being so close in age, and they may look quite a bit alike. Take care. Love you much. Grandma Z

Tammy Bingham said...

I love Kate! She is SO pretty! She does get prettier by the second! Paul looks great holding her - what a great dad! She looks so cute in her hat!

Grandpa Cliff said...

Kate is even cuter than when I saw her on Sunday. You are truly blessed to have such an angel living with you. Love, Grandpa Cliff

The Bingham Family said...

Oh, Cute!!!! Congrats again!!!

Sheila said...

Remember me? (from Dr.Blazzard's) What a beautiful baby girl!!!!
I think that you are one of the cutest little prego mom's to be that I have ever seen. OK let's face it...no matter what pregnant, in labor, or after...you always look great!!!! Congratulations!!!Enjoy that baby girl.
Love, Sheila

Amanda said...

kate is amazingly beautiful.
i miss her very much!
her eyes are very pretty!
i hope she grows up to be cool like me... hehe
love you!