Tuesday, June 9, 2009


So I know I said my last post was going to be the final one before this little boy gets here, but I decided to document all of my projects I have been working on lately. Paul was on night shifts for the last two months, so once Kate went to bed, I kind of got obsessed with having projects to work on. So anyway, here's how they turned out.

Since Kate and Crew get to share a room (this is going to be interesting), we borrowed cousin Hazel's mini crib. Two full size cribs in a litte room is kind of tight and Kate is not quite ready to give up hers. Mini cribs are hard to find bedding for, so I made a few things. Here is his little spot.
I made this fitted sheet. They are so easy that I might have to do a few more.
I decided to make two quilts for him. One baby one and then one a little bigger for when he gets older. Here is his baby one. It is so hard to find cute baby boy material, but I think it turned out pretty stinkin' cute. (his middle name is after Paul's dad)

It has minky for the back so it is so soft.

His car seat canopy.

Here is his larger quilt. I wanted them to have the same fabric, but different design. If you look up close, they both have different quilting patterns too.
I made Kate's big quilt las fall, but I decided she needed a smaller one to carry around and play with. (and I have to be fair to both) So I had extra material from that and from the dress I made her, so here is her baby one.

It also also has the soft minky back

Then I started making onesies for Crew. The bike was a little time consuming to cut out of fabric and to stitch around, but I think it turned out so cute.

So of course I had to make some for Kate.

Then I made hooded towels for both of them. It is quite hard to take a good picture of a towel, but you get the idea.
Kate's towel
Not very exciting, but I had a little bit of free sample material and bought a $4 towel at Walmart and out of this I got 5 burp cloths and 8 washcloths. Not to bad, eh?

So that's about it. There are a couple of other things I still want to finish, but I'm not sure I will get to them since he should be here this week!


ShEiLa said...

you are super talented.
I love all of your projects. The onsies are perfect. I am all about comfy. Your quilts are beautiful.

Best Wishes for an awesome arrival for Crew. I hope everything is smooth.


The Hille's said...

Wow! All the projects turned out so cute! I will have to get the patterns from you once we move back! Projects are the best when your hubby is busy!!!

Chadlock said...

um you are sooo good at making all those cute things!! ADORABLE!

Spencer and Shalynn said...

Wow!! You are super crafty. Everything is darling.

Readfamily said...

You are out of control! I love all the projects.....you could start your own little company!

Domini & Porter Caldwell said...

Oh may goodness you are talented/busy!!!! I love everything! Your kids are so lucky, they have a fabulous mom ;)
Good luck. Any day now!!

Domini & Porter Caldwell said...

We heard the good news and are awaiting pics!